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Banking Solutions - On Demand

As often happens in life, R34DY came about due to the fortunate convergence of a number of factors – a real business need for digital banking at all technology stack layers, our in depth experience in really making digital transformations happen, and a truly unique cast of charachters.

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We believe that small and medium, but often times even large banks need to address digital business transformation head on, and there is no way for a bank to build it’s own capabilities in the many areas that it needs in order to complete such a transformation. In the deluge of new technologies, changing business models, culture and staff mentality changes, and omnipresent regulatory pressures, banks need to pick and choose which battles they fight, and which armies they use to win the battle. This is where R34DY comes in – putting our resources, skills and capabilities to work for banks by delivering solutions in banking IT along those lines where a bank needs it. From consulting, implementation and integration to full outsourcing giving the bank peace of mind. Banks can focus on where they truly want to develop their capabilities and leave the rest to R34DY.

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Our in-depth experience has shown that the perfect combination of service delivery entails not only technological expertise and delivery, but also an comprehensive knowledge of what challenges and issues banks face. We pride ourselves on the fact that our strategic alliances and teams comprise a healthy mix of banking and finance professionals, as well as technological leaders and experts, combining our efforts to deliver to you the best fit solution possible to meet your business needs. Understanding and incorporating the needs of our customers is part of our bloodstream.

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